I’ve seen a fight in you

I’ve seen a fight in you. It is unlike any other. But you have been petrified by the thought of a conversation, the idea of being perceived as presumptuous. Continue reading

Picture This

Picture this – The underhanded mastery of the universe,Treachery for some,A necessity for most. Continue reading

Wind of Change

Evolution of humans is a travesty. Over the past several thousand years, we have progressed from being nomads to building civilizations with common social, moral and cultural constructs. We have created a community where we each fit into a capacity and are able to reap benefits that would otherwise be impossible individually. We are capable…

A little self-reflection never killed anyone

Up until a couple of years back, I only knew of two emotional states. Constant panic over the pettiest of details. Nonchalance towards the fact that I am in a state of constant panic over the pettiest of details. On a normal day, I would oscillate between feeling like half a person and being extremely…

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